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Monday, October 19, 2009


My almost 4 year old has all of a sudden become super clingy when it comes to dropping her off to places such as Primary and Preschool. She's NEVER been clingy before, in fact, quite the opposite. I'd describe her personality as: independent, hard-headed, and spirited.

Initially she transisitioned beautifully into Nursery, then Primary, even dance. But just as of late she seems to be testing her boundaries or something, as she won't let me leave her sight!

Primary is difficult because I'm the 2nd counselor and am in there where she can see me and whine for me. So I can't just drop her off and leave it to her teachers to talk to her; I'm standing at the front teaching Sharing Time or running around in the back as she's clung to my leg! Hello! How old are we? Which makes me think she's just testing boundaries. But how do I remedy the situation and let her know where those boundaries are?

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Erik and Katherine said...

When I used to teach primarmy we had a child who was the same way. The way his mom handled it was to tell his teachers to discipline him and treat him as though she wasn't there. When he would run up to the front, the teachers would grab him and bring him back to his chair. If he threw a fit and got upset, they would take him out in the hall and if they needed to, they would get his dad to handle his tantrum. It worked really well.

I have the same problem with my 2 year old in nursery. She is normally super clingy to me, so when I go to do the nursery music time, she wants to sit on my lap or hold my stuff instead of sit in her chair with the other kids. My solution is to have the teachers put her back in her chair and I usually ignore her behavior (which can be really hard, I know) unless she is sitting in her chair singing.