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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My little one is sick again; this time it seems to be a simple fever. She could have gotten this from anywhere – daycare, grocery store, church, play groups – but I’m pretty confident that it is not related to teething since she hasn’t had a fever with any of her other teeth coming in.

How can I prevent these from happening so much? I have missed at least one day of work for the past three weeks and it’s starting to stress me out. I thought we kept things pretty clean & healthy around here; we wash our hands, try to monitor what she puts in her mouth, take our vitamins, etc.

What tricks, secrets or tips do you know of that keep your kids healthy and fever-free? (Or are all of these illness part of growing up and I just need to deal with it?)


Atherley Crack Ups said...

I say just deal. Kids are going to get sick even if you isolate them. I feel that is better to expose them so that they get little doses of the bugs, rather than one big uhoh that puts their little system into scary mode.
I am not a very sterile mom. My kids put their dirty pats in their mouths all of the time and I brush it off.
I have found that when they were little they would get colds more often than they do now. I attribute that to stronger immune systems from their exposure.
Also, fevers seem to be something that only some kids get. It seems to be the kids whose little bodies are super good at identifying those nasty bugs-a good and bad thing.

Erik and Katherine said...

I agree that you shouldn't worry too much about the fevers. As long as you are as clean as you can be (and still live a normal, OCD free life), then you are doing the best you can.

The nurse in me says that fevers are your body's natural defense mechanisms against germs and other microbes. Your little one is probably getting exposed to minor things and just needs to burn them out of her system with a fever. It means she's building immunity and it's good that she isn't getting full-blown symptoms.

Sorry about missing so much work because of it. Sick kids are stressful regardless of the reason!