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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Tunes

Since my oldest was born, I have always chosen to listen to "my music" on the radio when we are driving in the car, instead of kid music.  From time to time, I blare my radio when I am cleaning and dance to some catchy tunes in order to make it fun. I also have a number of different ring tones on my phone that are from the latest top radio songs. None of this used to be a problem until recently when I have found my 3 year old asking to listen to, and often randomly singing songs like G6 or Tik Tok.  I'll admit that I don't always pay attention to the lyrics of songs I listen to, but who really notices right?  Wrong!!  Everything that pours into that 3 year old brain is getting absorbed and coming back to haunt me. 

Here's the thing...I find children's music extremely annoying, especially when I only have 1 CD of nursery rhyme songs, that just repeats itself continually.  I want something that is fun for everyone to listen to without being cheesy and annoying.  I would also like to have several options to choose from so I can switch things up from time to time.  So I am asking...no make that begging and pleading, for CD suggestions that have children appropriate but fun music. Anyone have any ideas they want to share?  I think if I have to hear "I'm a little teapot" one more time I'm gonna throw a teapot at someone!!

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