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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Full-time Maid

Even though I only have one toddler and a husband, I feel like I am constantly struggling to keep my house clean. With another baby on the way, the idea of having more to pick up and someone else to clean up after is REALLY overwhelming. I clean my kitchen and living room everyday mostly because it's our only living space however, I find it hard to keep up on the other "deep cleaning" tasks I need to do.

I'm curious as to whether you moms out there clean your house one day a week or do a few things each day in order to keep from being overwhelmed?

Any great ideas (besides hiring a maid) on how you keep your house clean and organized?


Atherley Crack Ups said...

Marry a clean freak husband! No really, besides that, I have to do bits of cleaning throughout the week. You can never get out of cleaning the kitchen at least twice a day, that is a given. I try to sweep the main living floors at least once a day-it helps that I have all wood floors and don't have to break out the big guns. Just a dust mop and a kick pan central vac in the kitchen. I must say that the addition of the vac in my kitchen has been a lifesaver. The vac sits comfortably inside the cabinet and has a kick pan access plus hook ups for a wand attachment. Seriously the best thing we have ever bought, at least for cleaning.
I too have difficulty keeping up on the deep cleaning side. Knick-knacks and such up on high shelves collect dust and cobs easily. But, I figure, I would rather be spending the time playing with the kids than up on a ladder.
Your little one is the perfect age to start having fun with cleaning. Give them a damp rag and let them go to town. My toddler loves to think he is vacuuming, really he is just denting up the place, but he loves it.

Anonymous said...

To get that dust and cobs in hard to reach places, between deep cleaning that is, get your hair dryer out and blow it off!! This works well for silk plants as well.

M'lisa and Mark said...

Call me crazy but ive split everything into a weekly, bi-weekly, major jobs for once a month (which end up getting done throughout the month, monthly) so spring cleaning isnt that big of deal. It just takes 2 hours of chores daily and the everyday tiding up (which lil ones will learn early to help too!) however-- while I'm in the last part of pregnancy.... My house is a clutter mess!! But at least its not dirty-dirty underneath cuz I was able to keep on top of that! But still, there are those days..... :) but it helps just having the system in place

Jessica said...

The kitchen is definitely an everyday thing, minus the floor. And I vacuum every other day...although, now that I'm getting rather large, my back hurts too much after vacuuming to do anything else so I've given that chore to Morgan.

Other than that I've "assigned" myself one chore a day like bathrooms, laundry, dusting, mopping, etc.

It's easier for me to feel on top of things if I do a little something every day.