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Friday, June 26, 2009


As a busy wife and mom, it is sometimes easy to get a little spendy with groceries. You have screaming children or are in a hurry, and you often just grab what you need (plus a few of the things you really don't) and checkout.

SO, today's questions are:

~How do you save money on groceries?

~Where do you think are the cheapest places to shop?

~Do you shop sales or use coupons?

~How often do you grocery shop?
~Any grocery suggestions for other moms?

**Thanks to Secret Mom reader Jessica for this question!


Mitch, Sonya n' Girls said...

I use a very helpful website that breaks down all of the sales and matches them up with coupons! I LOVE IT!

Passcode is: g84rcm

I usually find the best deals at Albertons and Maceys! But it really depends on the week!

Dowd Crowd 2 said...

Funny you should ask this, I taught a class last night on couponing...
Check pinchingyourpennies.com and it has grocery lists, coupon lists, best deals (grocery and online and around town). I will email you my flyer with other info...

I shop Albertsons, Smiths, Macey's, and Sunflower Market (great for produce that is a bargain). I feed seven adults (well at least adult sized, not sure any of us are adults?!) and spend about $250 a month.

Marianne said...

I used to do all the coupons, but then I realized that usually the generic brand is still cheaper than a name brand with a coupon. I was actually spending more when I did coupons, not to mention all the time, traveling from store to store, cutting them out, etc.
Now I just go to Smith's for meat and produce and Walmart for everything else.
If I know that It will be a big shopping trip then I just don't take my kids. This means a lot of late night shopping for me, but it is a lot easier on both mom and kids to do it that way. I feel so bad when kids are screaming in the store (we've all been there) and the moms are just getting mad at them. Little kids can't stay contained in a cart for that long!

Brady and Gretchen said...

What a loaded post. I start out by always looking for a GREAT deal on boneless, skinless chicken breast. Anything under $2 lb is good but I've even found 1.29 lb. Then I seriously spend like $40 or $50 worth, take it home, trim it, section it and freeze it. From there, I plan meals and for the last few months, I have only spent about $75-100/month in "new" groceries. I always go to WalMart because they will match any other stores sale ad. I use coupons only if it makes the name brand cheaper than the generic brand. Im not picky, generic brands are good enough for me and it saves a TON of money. We try to only grocery shop once a month, with 1 or 2 additional trips for produce. Also, I use ground turkey in place of beef for TONS of recipes. It is cheaper, healthier and if you don't tell em, no one is the wiser. The farmers market in pioneer park is way better for produce than any store, it's fresher, local and cheaper. I also use roadside stands for produce. This is getting too long so I hope this was helpful to someone!

Erik and Katherine said...

Just an FYI: There is a website and blog www.slavetosave.com that has some useful advice and a breakdown of how to save LOADS of money on groceries and other items. Check it out!

Gina said...

So I do the coupong thing too. But another BIG way to save on groceries is this: try to only make 1-2 trips to the grocery store per month. I plan my dinners a month in advance. Then I make one BIG, HUGE trip to the grocery store to get all the ingredients. The catch: some things you'll need more often, i.e. milk, eggs, produce, send your hubby to the store to get those quick things so you don't buy more than you need. The catch part two: produce only lasts so long. you'll have to plan accordingly, or buy producing saving bags (see here: http://eatyourveggiespeas.blogspot.com/2009/06/fave-bananas-for-greenbags.html) or freeze it.